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CHALICES is the combined forces of writer, poet and performer Alice Godliman and musician CHAINES.

We like music, we like spoken word and we like stories - especially if they’re gay.

Find the mini release Gravewalking on Slip Imprint's Bandcamp.

Charybdis by Alice Godliman smaller.png

"Charybdis" by Alice Godliman

Words by Alice, image by CHAINES

Alice Godliman

Alice Godliman is a writer, poet, performer and workshop facilitator based in Manchester.

Her work often deals with nostalgia, trauma, and loving women, through the lens of mythology or fairytales.

She’s performed for International Women’s Day and Reclaim the Night as well as events around London, Manchester and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

You can read her work in Dear Damsels, Twist in Time, ang(st) zine, and Blood Orange Tarot.

Follow her on twitter and instagram.

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