A game about what he may or may not represent, and the relationship we may or may not have with his legacy.

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The Lexiliberloquicon of Whomitt Mayconcern

This is my current work in progress - an audio/video game, and a cross between a Ouija Board and an illustrated story book.

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The Prototype in the Attic (Witch Fruit)

Created for Festival SONICA 's Antiphonic Incidence group exhibition, curated by artist and curator Sally Golding at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova in collaboration with Moderna galerija.

The exhibition Antiphonic Incidence presented five new commissioned works for the Museum of Transitory Art's Impermanent collection, curated by Sally Golding. Works by five selected artist-composers: CHAINES, Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron, Jörg Piringer, patten, Ross Manning finding duality, division and new directions across solid form,  transmission, being, product mutation and transfiguration will be  displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova​ (+MSUM).


Interactive Programme

A collaboration with artist and game designer Samantha Turner; a 2D puzzle event programme, with interactive scanable pictures (Android only), and 3D modelling and app designed by Samantha Turner.


The King (2018) album cover

Acrylic paint on paper.

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I Found This @ Kammer Klang 2015

Music written for cellist Oliver Coates, shadow puppetry created to facilitate live performance in his absence.