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Game in progress - play in browser

An audio/video game, and a cross between a Ouija Board and an illustrated story book.


The Curious Case of Timmy McRover

Agent Janine Fetcher has been sent to the sleepy town of New Barkshire to investigate the suspicious death of a child. Help her sniff  out the truth in this dogtastic mystery...

Created for Rainbow Game Jam 2018, on the theme of  'A Safe Space'. 

A team entry from Frost Dragon Liz (art and coding), Fiona Peak (coding) and CHAINES (music).

Playtime : 30 - 60 minutes


Prism Break

Tune the frequency of your ship's laser to inflict maximum damage on the crystal shards in your path.

Created for Rainbow Jam 2017, themed around the colours of the rainbow.

Code & Design by @FionaPeakGames
Art by @FrostDragonLiz

Game music pb.png
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